Renters Unveil World’s Tiniest Violin For Home Owners Whose Properties Have Fallen In Value

You could live comfortably by yourself in my area on $12 an hour if you weren't stupid with your money like everyone is.

I had no problems at all finding a second job that fit my schedule that started out over $16 an hour and when I tell people they are having a job fair they say, "I'm not working there."

Meanwhile, here I am living alone in a 1,400+ square foot home about to be paid off hopefully by the end of 2019 so I don't ever have to worry about having to ever get roommates or face foreclosure.

But to answer your question, yes.... 100% yes if I cannot afford my payments and I was ever facing losing my home, then I would be a moron not to take 2 roommates for the spare bedrooms or hell, even fix up the basement and make it a studio apartment for more money or make it a den so people renting the rooms upstairs have a place to hang out.

Making $X amount means nothing if you cannot afford your bills or bought a home outside of your means.

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