Rep. Ilhan Omar: 'I Have Experienced an Increase in Direct Threats on My Life' Since Trump's 9/11 Video Lie

Ah good old r/politics aka Trump bashing central.

No sorry- you hedged your bets and our resources for 2 years on the Mueller report. I held my tongue while the economy soared, my taxes went down, we finally addressed illegal immigration and trade deficits...all things that helped me and my family because I was told over and over Trump directly colluded with the Russians. Had that been true I was all for impeachment, I was suspicious as I saw 0 evidence but I waited for the facts and gave you all and this massive waste of time the benefit of the doubt.

Now that is has confirmed no such collusion you don't just get to say...well okay we will impeach him for something else then. F OUTTA here, you want him out? Beat him in are revealing yourselves as the real traitors that can't accept an election now and everyone can see it.

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