Rep. Watson Coleman: I’m 75. I had cancer. I got covid-19 because my GOP colleagues dismiss facts.

This is just the beginning my friend. I work in a hospital and have had a vaccine already. My personal health wasn't even a major consideration for that decision apart from the fact that I can't afford to take too much time off sick. I mentioned I was vaccinated in a conversation with someone who I thought was a reasonable guy. I wouldn't even describe him as right wing or political but this subject made him very angry and argumentative. I didn't agree with his Facebook opinions but I could see he was having an emotional reaction so i tried to stay on the fence. He thinks the vaccine is dangerous because it hasn't had 10+ years of clinical trials. But at the same time he doesn't think waves of Covid-19 ripping through society is a long term threat. So I told him that we're all rolling the dice here and he immediately turned into an asshole. "Oh you're one of those people!" "Remember your mask" etc. This bullshit is going to drag on for years because of all the conservative and reactionary types getting their news off Facebook and making decisions based on fear.

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