Repeal and replace, eh?

Yes this. The fake news Republicans and Insurance companies have spread around ACA just to break it pisses me off.

  1. When the Roberts Supreme Court blocked a universal healthcare tax, it insured that in its early years, only sick people who urgently needed insurance would enroll in ACA - essentially engineering the failure of the ACA by perpetuating the idea that healthy people wont enroll. They will but not right away-

  2. Insurance rates on the Exchanges are set by insurance companies - and they essentially turned Exchanges into high risk pools to treat the sicker people (on average) who enrolled - higher premiums are their doing.

  3. Insurance companies knew these people would cost more to treat in the beginning, and they knew the Roberts court decision would lead to ACA catering to sicker people in it's early years - because they all employ actuaries. That's why they excluded these people before ACA- they actually profit from denying sick people care!

Republicans and Insurers need to stop your Bullshit!

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