A repeat of Oldschool Runescape?

What problem did the game have that flying and LFG solved? Because as far as I’m aware, many many many people are hyped for classic because they do not have either of those things which means the “problem” must be either overshadowed by other positives, or there is no problem solved by either of those.

Additionally, hindsight does not matter in a voting situation. You either give Blizzard full development autonomy which would allow them to benefit from that hindsight if they are smart, OR you hand the reins to the players. Let’s say the classic population votes for flying: what should Blizzard do? If they don’t add flying, then they will be seen as patronising and “you think you do but you don’t”, and if they do, then it reintroduces a whole host of problems that everyone here as discussed ad nauseum.

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