Report: Apple Has Activated Software Locks on iPhone Batteries to Discourage Third-Party Repairs

I work in hardware development, hes right most of the time, its design vs customer, not design for the customer. apples breaks every rule of making "good hardware" and makes it extra hard to repair, simply for money reasons. whatever opinion he has, you cant argue about the facts he brings up, stuff like "oh, this part is working and made for this laptop, but because the sn number doesnt match it wont be accepted", so you go and make working hardware useless, just so you buy new shit. on every instance I had to do with any of their porducts, it was obvious to be a simple ripp off, yes we have the tech, we have the software, we are able to create a super product for you, be we dont... why? I dont need to be biased to understand that this is a scam way too many people buy

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