Report says multiple U.S. troops killed in Afghanistan firefight

*works at component... Can speak from the ada perspective. So many contracts drawn up and new tech in support of the JUONS. Only recently have we convinced centcom we have capability that can get after some of the stuff. Engineering change proposals for some of the systems that are fielded to us made near nill changes over the course of my career, but in the last 3 these companies finally decided to get off their butts to modernize some stuff. Ultra still taxing us. NGC same thing, CRAM portfolio growing with cuas and new FMS sales to UAE and Saudi after we demo'd shit to them. can't really do Integrated AMD because NGC wanna keep their stuff separate or trying to validate systems in pristine conditions so it can be approved. my mind literally explodes when people talk about MIC. FSRs in theater collecting checks doing nothing more than existing. can't get them to go to countries we actually need support at. Program Managers make bonus dollars off of labor so it makes sense just to have people here. I'm not going to bother rereading this lol but this is what comes to mind.

Our good ideas for the Force are only as good as the agenda behind it.

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