Report: Trump hopes to have fans back at sports games by end of summer

He's going to say whatever he can to breed optimism in the short term while full well knowing the long term effects will be devastating.

I seriously think his number one concern is re-election and he'll say whatever he can to put forth a good show, regardless of how nonsensical it is.

I feel for the American people man, fuck sakes it's hard to watch.

I'm sure you have a better plan, you just can't shut the entire country down for months on end... Even if the country were to be shut down until July-August and everyone is mandated to quarantine, the virus will still spread in the southern hemisphere during winter then come back in the fall to North America or spread in other countries 2nd / 3rd world that don't have strict policy.

A vaccine is months and months away at best.. We've basically seen from the beginning what it does, which in nearly every case is bad on the elderly with flu like or no symptoms at all for people under 50.

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