Report: Trump Wanted To Obliterate The U.S. Economy To Get Revenge On China

One thing we also learnt from the 2008 GFC is that even the banks that lend money to corrupt ventures that have a high likelihood of going bankrupt, have ways to offload the risk. They more often than not package up the dogshit loans and sell it off as CDO's. In fact, if you know the loans are highrisk dogshit and you have inside info, you can make money on that by onselling the CDO's to unsuspecting investors and then quietly betting that the CDO will decrease in value. Goldman pioneered that. The big investment banks like Deutsche Bank and Bear Stearns were likely doing that with people like Trump - they lend him money to setup his money laundering operation, knowing it directly benefits their other dirty clients. And they can use financial mechanisms to inoculate themselves from losses if or when they decide to bankrupt the operation.

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