Reps. Tulsi Gabbard And Markwayne Mullin Introduce Bill That Would Allow Only Biological Females In Women’s Sports

This seems... Like it's not going to do what they think it's going to do. People can look like men, talk like men, grow hair and muscles like men, and have two X chromosomes—people who aren't even trans. Similarly, women (and some very notable women athletes) can have a Y chromosome but still maintain all the other markers of being a biological female. Genetics and anatomy are just as complicated as gender identity—if we start to legislate what constitutes a man or a woman on a biological level, all it's going to accomplish is the banning of athletes who would have otherwise contributed greatly to their sport.

Also... Honest question: why have gender categories in sports at all? Would there be a major problem with sorting athletes based on performance? Like if I'm a runner, why not just take my average run time and categorize me with other runners of the same general speed?

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