Reps. Tulsi Gabbard And Markwayne Mullin Introduce Bill That Would Allow Only Biological Females In Women’s Sports

This also is not how team sports work. Certain positions lend better to players with certain body types. Nor does it translate to skill.

Anyone involved in sports will tell you that playing and beating teams that have no business playing your team, is not enjoyable. Nor is beating the pants off a competitor because they simply weight the same as you is not enjoyable.

The MTF power lifter who broke state national and world records in a single meet is a great example. Was only competing against women in her weight class. Or I’d imagine dunking and blocking on the entire women’s team because you are 6’5 MtF.

And given lots of individual sports where there are weigh ins, athletes deplete water and glycogen to weigh in 10-14 kgs lighter. Only to gain it all back pre-competing.

Seems like the whole discussion is trading one small issue by bringing in 100 more bigger ones.

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