Republican fantasy Joe Biden is so much more appealing than reality Joe Biden. How do I vote for their version?

It’s not really out of no where though I can see how it may appear that way. I can trace the concept to Noam Chomsky and Manufacturing Consent. The big difference is starting to be articulated more. When some people say “Liberals” they mean neoliberals. Neoliberals believe in freedoms and certain ideals on social issues like access to abortion and maybe women’s rights in general, equal pay etc. but also believe in “free market” principles. They are the sold out corporate controlled dominate structure of the Democratic Party. It’s why the majority of people who vote Democrats into office want Medicare for all but will never get it because the free market profiteers give campaign contributions to politicians, which is essentially a legal bribe and in return get favorable legislation that increases profits.

Leftists are people who point this out as a recipe for a failed state which I think we are experiencing even more since this pandemic. Leftist in general can include progressives, democratic socialists, socialists and maybe communists tho I’m doubt there is a lot of those. Probably more I can’t think of. But honestly what do I know.

You may want to check out YouTube and watch manufacturing consent and consider how both political parties are controlled by corporations and our media is run by corporations. It’s an alarming realization that helped me to understand why we, people, can’t have nice things that make out lives better.

I think more people are catching on.

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