Why do Republicans/Conservatives tend to blame lower income citizens as the reason for our tax issue in the US, when most evidence shows the 1%/wealthy as the source of the nation's tax issue?

I'm inclined to agree. Although this system is cyclical, so temporary stretches of 50% paying no tax aren't a disaster. During booms, that number falls drastically. That said we're not in a recession, the economy isn't crashing, yet just as many people are paying no taxes.

I think you're using a bit of tunnel vision in attributing the rise of illegitimacy in the black community solely to welfare. Discrimination against blacks is just a fact - far more black men are in prison for various crimes because they were targeted more for years. We also know that the CIA distributed drugs into black neighborhoods, causing further destabilization of family structures. I'm not saying that welfare has been a positive overall - but the story is more complicated than you make it seem.

To me, it feels like you're too deep into identity politics. Everyone comes back to liberals being wrong and bad. You're skewing your view of a very complex topic in looking for a way to blame liberals - so you focus on socialist policy. Well, the policy has failed and there's no questioning that fact. But it's not the only factor by a long shot.

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