Republicans Gain Heavy House Edge in 2022 as Gerrymandered Maps Emerge - On a highly distorted congressional map that is still taking shape, the party has added enough safe House districts to capture control of the chamber based on its redistricting edge alone.

Yeah, saying it's scripted is conspiracy nonsense but the Republican Party attracts the type of people who have the mentality of "all that matters is winning and we must do everything in our means to win" while Democrats attract a mix of progressives that are closer to that mindset but for different reasons (we want good policies that help people to be enacted, not to just win for the sake of it or to get more money from corporate / rich donors), but we unfortunately do not make up the majority of Democrats base (supposedly just 12%) and so the centrists dominate.

The centrists don't seem to care so much, like it's just a career they chose rather than being a lawyer and doing stuff like this to fight back or just to win more "isn't right" and means extra work and they don't want to bother.

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