Republicans, Remove This Madman From Power

1) Trump (Evil), 2) Clinton (The Lesser Evil), and 3) voting for someone else who wasn't going to win, thereby abstaining yourself from any real responsibility.

Do you read your own comments? Do you realize that you just said that had Clinton been elected, you would have been responsible for voting an evil person into the white house. Why are your standards this low?

You made the choice that was best for you.

In point of fact I am retired and I make 95% of my money off investments. The best choice for me would have been Trump, not Clinton.

If Trump drags us into a war with Korea then that will be on your conscience, not mine.

I've been to South Korea. I lived there for two years. We are currently at war with South Korea. The democratic party is not anti-war. Clinton voted time after time to fund war in Afghanistan, and consistently supported Obama while he was at war every day of his entire eight year presidency, she was not a candidate that wanted to stop any wars. Would you have been comfortable taking responsibility for all the damage Hillary would be doing to the world right now to continue Obama's policies, as she said she would do on many occasions?

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