Request: Im worried my boyfriend is relapsing

I love him so much, he’s been so incredible to me, he’s helped me get the help I needed with my own ED and mental health issues, and now I want to help him. He was always so good at keeping it together and being strong, but he looks so broken now and it breaks my heart.

Thank you for your advice, I know how I feel when people comment on my eating habits and how it fuels the urge to eat even more, so I’m trying really really hard not to mention his lack of food and excessive exercise, but it’s so heartbreaking to see.

We live in the UK so therapy can be free on the NHS or you can pay for it, and I’ve told him that I could drive him to therapy and wait for him outside, etc, if needed.

Eating disorders are an awful disease, and I’m worried that my BED could trigger him in a way? I’m getting help for my issues so am getting slowly but surely better so don’t talk as much about food and constantly comment on my weight like I used to. Is there anyway to minimise the effect of my own issues so that he doesn’t really see that side?

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