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Yeah I was walking home from my uncles house on Sunday after he dropped me off. He lives two houses up from mine. As soon as I step foot in my drive way two Concord PD officers screech to a stop hop out and get about 3 inches from me. Apparently some one had called the cops about some one canvassing the area. They were super aggressive but I answered their questions and explained I was walking back from my uncles house. They were both white. I’m a short stocky Cuban guy with full sleeves and a huge beard. I pretty sure they were just doing their job and they can’t see at twilight I’m pretty much just a white guy.Should I call the police dept and complain? Should I make YouTube videos about my “outrage”? No I got on with my night took some fat dabs and went to bed. This racist talk about any kind of privilege unless socioeconomic is bull shit. Stop blaming other people for your stupid shit that you cause by not simply politely and confidently answering some simple questions. Guess what? If I had been a POS those cops would have done their job and my shit wouldn’t get snatched. For the record,’I don’t really like cops, always makes my heart beat a million miles an hour. I’m no boot licker trust me.


Saying being a certain color gives you an upper hand is not only stupid but blatantly false. Don’t believe me? See above.

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