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I expected this. We were going to be entirely quiet and avoid shaming him or talking to his new guild out of respect, but he's breached that measure of respect as he did before.

The officer in question, who shall not currently be named but whose identity could be easily divined, has lied in multiple areas of this post, and now I will detail exactly what happened.

Approximately a month ago, he extended an offer to merge his guild with ours. The understanding was that he would bring his 60s to our guild, and in return he would be made an officer in a liaison position to help integrate them. Unlike the remainder of the officers (myself included), he never had the chance to actually meet with our guild leader, who was on vacation in Europe. Our guild was starting its official raids late as a result, and we would thus be able to easily integrate new 60s into what would become a core.

What happened instead was, well, not a merger. A couple of casuals came, as well as four or so of his guild. Instead of disbanding that guild, he simply left as GM. Nearly half (by my metric, having talked with other guildies of his later) went to another guild as they had planned from the start, and the remainder stayed in that first guild. By all accounts, there was no reason to make him an officer, but we agreed anyway, to uphold our part of the bargain. The GM, of course, wanted us to not promote him, but we argued in his favor. We had not yet known the guild was still active: only that many of his guildies did not follow. I only found out much later that the first guild was functioning and planning to raid, and that he had essentially declared by fiat that they would merge without ever actually consulting his guild meaningfully. He had, in essence, weaseled his way into an officer position.

I nevertheless argued for his continued presence, as did our other officer, Collective. We made plans to raid and set stuff up, and we asked him to help with recruitment in the interim (to wit, he never did; I don't believe he recruited a single person during his tenure).

It became readily apparent in the coming weeks that he was loot hungry, which was an odd sort of thing to be as a Druid, given most Druid gear would quickly go to him anyway with our raid comp. He thought that he was going to be part of the loot council simply by being an officer. To the contrary, I only accepted an officer position with the explicit promise that I wouldn't be able to decide loot distribution, to avoid the appearance of impropriety with my niche spec. Our council consisted of a tribunal of officers with defined areas of expertise in gearing (healing, ranged, and melee, broadly), and a spreadsheet for who was next with priority for given gear based on performance, attendance, consumes, etc. After a few weeks of raiding (i.e., this week) and distributing as equally as possible, we'd begin to prioritize with combat log inspections and such. He wanted to be part of this council and usurp the GM as the healing lead. Obviously the GM said no (and again wanted to kick him, but we again argued that he should stay).

The tenuous situation continued, with us trying to hold back the GM's decision while this officer in question continued to try our patience. He would regularly yell at us, tell us to shut up when he was talking, etc., called me obnoxious several times, and then insisted on installing a loot council addon that none of us liked, which would change our entire structure to a convoluted +-in-chat system. But we tried to get the addon to work, and to get him to work. He began to raidlog, never socialized with us outside of occasional dungeons, and became increasingly irritated about not getting gear.

To wit, our GM still has only a single epic—the Aurastone Hammer he noted would be his only priority gear—and has instead forwarded every single piece of Shaman gear to our other Shamans. Our policy as officers is to gear the raid first, as best we can. He didn't like that, and started to add himself as first priority to a variety of our gear slots (in fact, last night before the raid, we realized he, once again at least supposedly a Resto-specced Druid, had added himself as first priority for Choker of the Fire Lord). Once again, the GM wanted to remove him as an officer, and by this point from the guild entirely. We asked him to be patient, but our own patience was wearing thin.

It came to a head the day before our second raid night this week, when he flatly told the GM that, because he could use the addon (that only he wanted) better than us, we should give him full master looter control over everything. We obviously told him that wasn't going to happen. He asked why, and we said it was, quite self-evidently, a matter of trust, which he had not earned or even attempted to earn. I had gotten to know the other officers for many months before Classic's launch, and some of them had known each other for years from pserver play. He was by all accounts an unknown factor that was only there because we decided to honor a deal he failed to deliver. At this point we had had enough of it.

Did I mention, by the way, that for several weeks he was attending the raids in a feral spec and (according to my most recent logs) not using any consumables, unlike literally every other person in the raid? For some reason he must have thought we wouldn't notice this, despite our insistence to all other members that people with improper specs and lack of consumables would be penalized for gear distribution.

So when we killed Majordomo last night and the Wild Growth Spaulders dropped (another item he edited himself as first priority on), he was quiet. In fact, he was quiet entirely. Didn't say a word to us since the beginning of the day, when he had posted a sorta half-apology about stepping on toes in officer chat, because Collective had reached out to him the day before to explain exactly why his behavior was a problem. And you know what? Despite him having directly insulted me for weeks on end, and despite his surreptitious edits and attempts to game the loot system and even usurp it, I still argued with the GM in whispers to give them to him. For some time, in fact. But then he piped up and told us to give him the shoulders. Ultimately the GM decided, because to both his response and his troll spec, to give it to our other main Druid raider, who had been with us longer than this officer and is a great healer who actually specs and consumes properly. At that point he quit the guild mid-raid, shouted at us, and threatened to blackmail us with all the "conversations" and "secret loot documents" he had saved. To Collective, who had continued to help his image until the very end, he called a cunt and a coward. He started whispering our various members to get them to quit. To myself he said not a word. Then he immediately joined another guild. We decided we would not say anything if he didn't, as, again, a final measure of respect.

He has breached that respect.

We do not "prioritize friends". My own brother is our top dps parser and has yet to be awarded a piece of gear (having gotten a few pieces of Arcanist's from roll+1 runs instead). Our GM is, again, in blue gear. We evenly gear our tanks, and we try to get gear to new initiates just because. We have never taken a cent from the guild bank for any personal enrichment. I suspect he means to suggest that the GM's new epic mount came from the coffers. In fact, I was the one who personally gave him 600 gold for it, after he had spent most of his own money to pay off outstanding debts on other items. I don't recall us having ever sold a BoE epic from MC, we have explicit instructions for guildies to give BoE patterns like Truefaith to Priests who need them, we've personally spent money on flask recipes and the like to give as gifts to our alchemists, etc.

This man lied to us (either deliberately or, hopefully, by omission) about a not-actual-guild merger, sneaked himself into a position that he thought could personally enrich him, manipulated our gear sheets after we told him he wasn't part of the loot council simply because he was an officer, directly and regularly insulted other officers who for weeks on end stuck their necks out to try to help him, and has now decided to libel us on multiple subreddits, accusing us of the maneuvers that he unsuccessfully attempted to pull.

So take of his post, and my response, what you will. But if you doubt my words, go inspect Whispers in Orgrimmar and tell me just how "personally enriched" he appears to be.

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