Research Survey on the Manga industry and how it has over taken American comics in the US. Any responses would be greatly appreciated!

Iron Man and the Phase I MCU were largely produced and directed in a style of 90s action movies. It was one of the last bastions of Hollywood Gen X sensibilities where the likes of Daniel Craig's Bond dominated and the Cold War still in memory. You had the glorification of wealth and entrepreneurship in Iron Man, the unadulterated macho-ness of the Hulk and Thor, and literal WWII American flag waving in Captain America, and straight up kick butt hotties like Black Widow and Natalie Portman with the cojones to take no prisoners and make you believe it while being unabashed about their sexiness. All good stuff from American comics' golden and silver age. The Avengers posters even had Black Widow in the classic butt half turn with sideboob profile pose! Black Panther and Loki are great homes to what made Marvel great. Everyone wanted to be America when it was Brando, John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Aliens' Weaver, and the Guvinator. Now kids are apologetic about being Americans. Pfft.

The Eternals, Shang Chi, Falcon & the Winter Soldier have either bombed hard or have barely broken even drowning in their wokeology, and even Black Widow didn't do so hot. The main takeaway is that their movies aren't dominating anymore, unless you're the current Spiderman, which was born in Sony's slice of Marvel licensing anyhow.

It barely got woke in Phase III despite complaints about black Heimdall and has gone full bore with Phase IV. I kind of laughed when they had "Asian heritage month" on Disney+ in 2021. The best they could do in the top 5 was including Wendy Wu, Big 6, and a bunch of ensemble casts with a token Asian. A sorry showing indeed considering they've got 3 Disneylands in East Asia.

They've added Raya, Shang Chi, the Blackpink movie and a bunch of K-dramas to make up the numbers this year in a frenzied attempt to reach the desired ratios, all the while giving trigger warnings for Dumbo, and Song of the South is of course nowhere in evidence.

I'm kind of hoping they replace Black Panther with a Bollywood actress playing an intersex hermaphrodite, because that makes about as much sense as the rest of their casting choices, while the woke crowd had an aneurysm.

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