Resentful white people propelled Trump to the White House - and he is rewarding their loyalty

I hear you. It sounds like it's been painful--I'm sorry.

Here's a suggestion. For years, people have made assumptions based on my demographic, and I've had to say, to them and to myself, 'yes, I'm a xxxxxxx, but I'm also me, and here's who I am.'

These days white guys are facing that same weird scenario--you feel people leaping to conclusions based on your demographic. Yes, it's not just your imagination. But the awful thing is, humans don't truly grok that prejudice is really painful and completely undeserved until they feel it themselves... And your discovering that it hurts seems, well, obvious to those who already have been hurt, so there's not much sympathy to go around. But they probably don't disagree.

My suggestion is, when you can, try to meet the situation with acceptance and say, 'yes, white male here, but I'm also me, here's who I am,' because continuing the conversation even after you've been hurt, so we can all find out we're all important individuals with valuable perspectives, is maybe the only way we can all get past this.

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