Reservationpe meme hai to funny to hoga hi - Pink Saiman , 2020

For proper running of country, in case of sri lanka tamil population think that state is favoring only sinhale speaking population. This creates unrest and may even cause civil war. In case of India, It is caste. You can think of general candidate like a IPL player and reserved students gully cricket in a fair match do you think gully cricket player hold a chance. If reservation is dropped today only general candidates will be there in government and job, because they are never trained for that and for Tribe their past generation is literally from jungle. which will make country in much bad state, even if everyone become by fair . because of tough competition general candidates, think cutoff marks is unfair or simply in other words they want seat reserved for equal representation. But main purpose of reservation was to increase competition among reserved candidates to increase cutoff marks. so reserved students can also compete against general students or in other words LC student become equal to general.

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