Resident Evil 2 twitch speedrun competition today at 9am today (March 5th)

You're right that Trance should have a filter on his chat. Maybe he felt his mod team was enough. But extrapolating a generalization about his fanbase based from one guys bad behavior is unfair. Now if his chat was filled with people saying edgy stuff, you'd be right. But one guy saying something doesn't mean the whole fanbase is toxic. And even if you did, in a tournament like this you newcomers jumping into streamers chats for the first time.

I've been following him for about a week or so and I haven't noticed anything consistently concerning about his chat. His chat is a combination of people cheering him on, some people backseat gaming, some people having side convos, etc. Largely the same as what you'd see in most other streamers' chats. If you wanted to go to the trouble you could even go back into his other streams and check. There's also a lot of overlap between Trance's fans, Orch's fans, and Xerian's fans. So it's not like Trance has some dedicated army of kids trolling on his behalf. The community is pretty solid.

Honestly the most toxic chat in this event is the main twitch rivals chat. It's totally unmoderated, you have people trolling all over the place, baselessly accusing xer1an and trance of cheating - yeah, like the people in this tournament need to resort to cheating.

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