Respect Dr. Strange, The Sorcerer Supreme!

Key: DSMMA - Dr. Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts

Breaks Agamotto's bonds (Agamotto is 1/3 of the Vishanti, mystic entities held with as much regard as the Celestials themselves by even those as powerful as Cube Beings) - DSMMA 1

Defeats a soul-devouring extradimensional creature called the "Soul Eater" by disrupting its entire Central Nervous System - DSMMA 2

Defeats the clone versions of the Hulk and Namor found within the Dimension of Unreality with a single blast - DSMMA 2

Strange faces Death amidst the cosmos itself, where even the slightest touch of a meteorite means certain death. Death hurls the elements of the cosmos itself against Strange- swarms of meteors, flaming planetary spheres, and even warps the ether itself around Strange. Strange eventually comes to terms with Death itself, and unites with Eternity, assuming the place of his form /avatar and overcoming Death itself. In doing this, he passes a trial that frees him from the passage of age, symbolized by the Ankh of Everlasting Life on his forehead - DSMMA 4

The Eye of Agamotto can break the Shield of the Seraphim and turn aside the combined mystical assault of even Strange himself combined with that of Clea - DSMMA 5

Defeats Umar in telepathic combat within the Dark Dimension, her own realm - DSMMA 7

Casts an illusion over the Greenwich Village Skyline in NY, shielding Eternity from being perceived by all its residents - DSMMA 10

Unites with a dreaming Eternity, after achieving internal clarity with the Eye of Agamotto - DSMMA 10

Survives planetary destruction initiated by Mordo - DSMMA 12 - 13

Rescues Eternity from Nightmare, and proves his worth to the Abstract - DSMMA 13

Defeats Dracula and cures himself of Vampirism - DSMMA 14

After fighting in Hell for the past 48 hours, a fatigued Dr. Strange causes the Moon to rise and explode - DSMMA 16

Teaches Clea time-travel, and then travels into the past and from there, distant future - DSMMA 17, DSMMA 18

Hurls the flame-breath of a water-demon back at it, and survives millions of tons of water crashing down upon him, making his way back to the surface - DSMMA 18

Wills the world's flow of time to cease - DSMMA 19

Throws Xander, a magician sent to assassinate him by a group called the creators, into a dimensional plane that exists as a world between worlds - DSMMA 20

Eye of Agamotto returns him to Earth's dimension despite him being devoured at the same time - DSMMA 22

Freezes Clea in time and enters her cerebral cortex - DSMMA 22

Banishes a powerful demon capable of absorbing even his own spells to the farthest reaches of the Quadriverse using the Crimson Bands of Cytorrak - DSMMA 23

Can stand in the presence of a sentient star - DSMMA 24

Destroys an aspect of the Wheel of Change, a device which is capable of effecting universal alteration - DSMMA 24

Sets the Old Stars (stars who were forced into human form) into orbit around a large planet that was once Alpha Centauri - DSMMA 25

Can exorcise dimensional beings from himself - DSMMA 25

Defeats an alternate boar-version of himself, with power that rivals his own - DSMMA 25

Shields himself from a combined mystical assault that tears apart an entire downtown neighbourhood, and fights back and bests most of his assailants - DSMMA 26

Sends the Ancient One across an entire dimension and back to Earth - DSMMA 27

Survives being collapsed into 2-D - DSMMA 27

Survives being imprisoned in a sphere of nuclear flame - DSMMA 27

Forces a living star to go Supernova (which he survives being in the presence of, both astrally and physically, multi-tasking to boot!), and after detonating collapse into a black hole. He then manipulates it, rendering its gravitational pull null for a short time, before hurling it into the Wheel of Change - DSMMA 27

Survives the In-Betweener's assault on him, where Strange was trapped within entire levels of reality (which the In-Betweener states can extend to even fantasy), and later subject to very high-level reality warping (with the In-Betweener sending Strange to the ends of Infinity, backwards in time to be burned at the stake, bound for all time on any billion alien worlds, etc). He also endures the ensuing mental insanity - DSMMA 28

Note: The In-Betweener is an abstract and creator of the Wheel of Change. He/it embodies the concept of Dichotomy, much like Sire Hate embodies Hate, Anomaly embodies things which are not things, etc.

Strange breaks free and calls upon Lord Chaos and Master Order, the abstracts of Chaos and Order, themselves, throwing that same power alongside his magic at the In-Betweener, besting him and imprisoning him - DSMMA 28

Channels his mystic powers into altering the pitch of the True Wheel of Change, which is capable of effecting universal change and destruction. Strange succeeds in changing its direction, causing the universe to turn in on itself and be restored - DSMMA 28

The Eye of Agamotto moves at speeds rivalling (and possibly exceeding) lightspeed to deflect the highest-intensity setting of a proton converter. It then turns that energy back against the weapon and destroys it - DSMMA 29

Destroys the earthly counterpart of the Dweller-in-Darkness, a Fear Lord - DSMMA 30

Casts the Rings of Raggadorr around America - DSMMA 31

Rejoins his astral form with his body and in an instant afterwards, dodges a close-range sword strike from Alaric, who was at the time empowered by a mystical blade to the point that he could send Namor flying with a punch - DSMMA 31

Uses the Purple Gem to imprison a copy of him created (indirectly) by the Dweller-in-Darkness, whose four arms gave it the power to out-cast Strange - DSMMA 33

Sends the earthly agent of the Dweller-in-Darkness through the endless dimensions of the Vishanti, by means of the Book of the Vishanti itself, and wipes her mind afterwards - DSMMA 33

Defeats an agent of Nightmare in Nightmare's own dimension - DSMMA 34

The Eye of Agamotto reverses the flow of time around the shattered stone body of Black Knight, restoring it to the way it was - DSMMA 35

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