Respect to this man R.I.P

Sorry for the long post. The following text is rather disturbing. Read at your own discretion.

You know what will haunt me forever? Well this story all takes place in a fairly popular game called Garry's Mod. For those that don't know, in this game the player (in single player at least) is free to make/do whatever they want in a map that they use from another game or make on their own.

Well, I was playing on a multiplayer server with 2 friends and just random people I've never played with before. This server was "cinema" server, aka you are in a theater that allows you to play videos on the theater screens from places like Youtube, vimeo, etc. What's nice is that you can see what videos are queued to be streamed next, and you can vote if you want it to go through. You can also vote to skip it once it starts playing.

Now, going from the atmosphere, decorations, people in the server, you could tell that this was going to be a place where some weird shit will go down. I'm sitting in a theater, expecting cringe videos, worldstarhiphop, and stuff of that nature, which there was. At first it was just my 2 friends and a couple other people in this theater, so we pretty much have control over what is being shown. After a while more people come in and it starts getting harder to skip videos and the weird/terrible stuff starts coming.

It starts with videos like "kid has autistic meltdown in restaurant" or "autist does whatever" just stuff like that. Then it takes a huge drop and THE scummiest, most terrible video I have seen to this day and ever in my life.

All that this video shows, from what I saw, was this guy sawing a dogs (like a golden retriever or something) legs off. This dog is completely bloody and at first it looks lifeless. But then it blinks. And that's when I know this is the most fucked up shit ever. This dog is just lying there while this is happening. Perhaps it was drugged up, tied down, or something; I couldn't tell. That wasn't even the worse part. The person then puts the dog right side up and it starts wiggling and trying to walk.

All these thoughts pour through my head, like just imagine the shit this dog has been through to just accept what is happening. And first, the kind of person to do this AND record it and upload it. THIS WAS ON YOUTUBE! LIKE WTF. And then the kind of person to see this video and turn around and show it to other people. I learned a lot about people that night.

And know this: all of what I saw was just probably like 1/10th of a screen and quick looks to see if anyone was skipping it. I probably saw just a total of <20 seconds. To say the least, a fun night did a 180 and immediately turned in to a fucked up day for me.

I'm sorry for even describing this.

TL;DR: There are some really fucked up people out there that will record the most fucked up shit.

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