Respect Superboy-Prime

Part two


Lets start with a nice opening story - The Origin of Superboy Prime

Quick Summary:

Originating from our world, known as Earth-Prime, were the hero's of DC are in comic books. Prime was an adopted child who bared resemblance to Superman, his parents even named him Clark Kent! Unfortunately, the people of Earth-Prime people didn't like this, and as such, he was bullied for it. Prime lived a relatively normal life, save for his infatuation with Superman comics, which is completely normal btw. I mean, who doesnt fanboy over Supes?! Bullying, comicbook reading, and normal life continued, until one Halloween night.. Prime dressed up as superboy for the party, and after awhile, Haliey's Comet passed over, when Prime all of a sudden gained super powers! Shortly after, the king of PIS, pre-crisis Superman appeared, together they teamed up to fight crime, until the Anti-monitor appeared, and Primes whole world changed.. Literally.

Superboy-Prime Bio's - Also has a nice Anti-Monitor bio.

Powers and Abilities

  • Superhuman-Strength
  • Superhuman-Speed
  • Superhuman-Durability
  • Superhuman-Stamina
  • Flight
  • Heat Vision
  • Standard Superman esque powers, senses, hearing, etc.
  • Plot Manipulation - Ok im joking, but some of his feats are a tad silly
  • Dimensional Manipulation - Time Trapper
  • Reality Warping - Time Trapper
  • Time Manipulation - Time-Trapper / Ret-con punch
  • Husbando Material

Some stuff you may be asking yourself

What the fuck is a ret-con punch?

  • The ret-con punch appears to be a by-product of the Time-Trapper, hence the Time/Reality/Dimensional abilities
  • It basically allows him to "ret-con" or remove entities from time, or erasing them from time.
  • He's used this multiple times in the paradise dimension, again to break out of the phantom zone, doing it against beast boy right after, "ret-con'd" himself with one, heh.
  • Possibly used it to break out of the speed force, although, we dont really know how he broke out, he just did.

Is Prime in-consistent? Why does Superboy manage to draw blood so easy, but many others cant?

  • Yeah he kind of is, though i hope this shows hes not THAT in-consistent
  • Idk, the Superboy fights might have something to do with them both being named Superboy, maybe Conner gets a +5000% damage increase against him? Or maybe Prime gets a -5000% durability decrease against him. who knows. I prefer my idea though!

Where would you place Prime?

  • Probably low-mid skyfather level, at least in raw power. Things like strength/speed/durability. He'll still lose to a lot of skyfathers, since he lacks general versatility, but he can definitely put a hurt on them in a fist-fight.
  • Reason being, he's insane durability to physical and energy attacks, along with being nearly immune to magical assults.

Explanation of some fights/things

Prime vs Ion Yat

  • To date, Ion Yat is the only person to survive an extended brawl with Prime, barring the guardian amp.
  • Ion is a massive boost, the entity itself is around mid~ Galactus level.
  • Yat did not have experience with this power, he was new to it.
  • The fight seemed equal at the start, until Prime used Yat's weakness against him.
  • The Ion entity allowed him to keep on fighting, regardless of being pierced by lead. Yes it hurt, but he still kept going, even managed to get some good hits on Prime.

Who the Hell is Mordru, and why is it impressive that he resisted an attack from him?

  • Mordru is a skyfather level magician, in his 20th Century version, he was powerful enough to beat Nabu, fight off the whole JSA with ease, and neutralize a 5D imp.
  • The "neutralize" is just Mordru cutting off the imp's connection to the 5th dimension, it only worked temporarily. The imp was Thunderbolt
  • 30th Century Mordru was a galaxy buster - Did he launch a galaxy busting attack at Prime? Probably not, but this speaks volumes about his resistance to magic. Also, this is technically silver-age, but the age applies. Mordru has more or less, stayed the same over the years.
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