I respect your opinion, but I didn't like Part II, here's why:

Based on everything I've read from different players, it's more that there is a mature emotional response to the game and an immature emotional response to the game.

I think this is exactly it, when it comes to the hate (not counting legitimate criticisms).

Abbey and Ellie are at different points in their journeys. Both lost someone, both were absolutely obsessed with getting revenge, both ruined relationships with their loved ones as a result of their revenge quest.

The difference is Abbey actually achieved her goal, but you see through playing as her that it didn’t fix anything. Almost everything that happens to her is a direct or indirect result of that trip to Jackson. Ellie is about to achieve her goal (killing Abbey), but thankfully stops at the end.

Ellie’s story is about her spiraling out of control and Abbey’s is about redemption.

Getting back to your point, the people who say they hate the game seem to lack a certain emotional maturity to understand the story being told. Joel dies, they’re upset about and don’t pay attention to Abbey’s story.

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