Resplendent Refrain Event Megathread

I'm not sure what's caused this large of a gap in cognitive dissonance. You've made it a point that your bias towards dev interaction is clouding your judgment and showcasing your lack of understanding towards simplistic business techniques that provide long-term benefits in establishing a hinging consumer base (by which DL's is dying off). By comparing gachas to one another and cherrypicking discrepancies that favor DL, you're ignoring the issues at hand within the game you're advocating for that plague not only me but apparently other players. If Nintendo/Cygames is more active in responding to community feedback and polishing their products, why haven't they addressed this aspect of the game yet? Or are you just willing to conveniently ignore it and the other people who aren't going to sugarcoat the poorly designed qualities of the game just because it's "better than what you mostly get?" Nintendo/Cygames is offering you a service in hopes that your satisfaction will ensure your continued patronage. Saying that we're "lucky for having anything at all" compared to other games to exacerbate the purported unreasonableness of people's expressions lends yourself as a willing proponent of some elaborate Stockholm syndrome complex.

The only other gacha I'd ever invested heavily in with regards to time with is FEH. Even at its worse with a bloated summoning pool and janky 5s, players never voiced dissent to the extent that those in DL have because of one simple reason: getting the 5 you don't want sucks but it's not completely worthless. You still get another character to build up, use towards building another character, a change in pace that dictates your approach on how to play the game. 5* WPs that don't offer anything substantial and make you feel cheated out of an adventurer or a dragon on the other hand? As you've said, the rates can be even more punishing than DL. The primary difference that you've missed here is that other gachas provide the opportunity for something as opposed to what is arguably nothing at all.

Instead of treating corporate entities like they're your friends for handing you freebies every so often, you should understand that they view players as nothing more than exhaustible resources to fuel their dividends and to please stockholders. Come to understand the dynamic that I and they do: we're consumers that have no obligations to anyone but ourselves. Companies tailor their policies and agenda to consumers in hopes of one thing and one thing only: the money lying in your bank account. Any reasonable, functioning person with a grasp on weighing worth and value wouldn't put a cent into these games because of the underlying circumstances. Yet there are still millions of people with even less control than I do who are willing to shell out some cash because they're the primary targets of these aforementioned predatory practices that are becoming increasingly popular in this age of gaming.

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