In response to the B2 Bomber Poster: My Great grandfather who served for the 155th Panzer Division as a Waffen SS Tank Commander in France under Franz Landgraf. He never commited a War Crime as far as we know.

If his grandpa was drafted into the military or was in before the nazi party take over then he can be proud his grandfather fought for something even though fate would have him on the wrong side as it turns out.

I believe It’s called chivalry. Airmen escorted wounded enemy aircraft back to safe grounds, the Christmas truce. There’s examples of it everywhere.

Read about John Mcain and his time as a POW and how some of the guards treated him.

If someone in the German military truly believe and bought into the ideals of it then they have a long road to sow in getting respect from me. If they simply followed orders and happened to be in the wrong place in the wrong year then at what point do we acknowledged sometimes it’s fate?

OP, Be proud of the fact your grandpa served his country because in another time maybe in another world he could have easily been on the allied side and his dedication to his country would have been viewed differently.

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