Response to "A letter to Riot from an ex-jungler" from a new jungler

What he neglects to point out is how big a buff the season 5 changes were to the jungle role. The amount of vision control, ganking potential that a jungler is able to pull off has never been stronger. You can cast smite on raptors to make sure you are undetected on a gank, and come in and use chilling smite to make sure the enemy doesn't get away. This combo is unbeatable if pulled off correctly.

I'm afraid you're mistaken on this one. Back in Season 2, the only way to provide vision was with pink and green wards. Laners didn't have blue or yellow trinkets and didn't have sighstones. To ward, people actually had to BUY wards. A jungler could just drop 400g on an elixer that gave them effectively permenant Raptor buff until they died. Then, when Riot decided that was too strong they cut it to a 4 minute duration for 250 gold... and then added sight stone. Raptor buff doesn't make you undetectable, it just lets you know when a ward sees you. When it goes off, you've already been seen.

I'm genuinely curious how many people really believe that only 4 champs are viable in the jungle? I think what's happened here is people are confused about champion diversity in LCS vs solo q. The most competitive leagues in the world are naturally going to have more restrictive champion pools than in solo q. But even so, some of the highest skill players in the world, playing in tournaments for money, are picking out of this world picks like jungle TF. So where did this idea come from? Is it hyperbole to try to exaggerate an issue to make it seem more dire than it is? Surely people wouldn't do that on reddit?

They aren't the only 4, but they are the best 4. They have the most consistency that allows for stable play. They can carry when they get massively ahead and they are still reliable when they fall behind. Most other junglers don't have this quality. Reliability in a champion is a key aspect in how it performs in soloq. As a result, people play them a lot and then the community complains when they lose to J4 or Vi for the 23rd time in the season. Most junglers would like to not feel restricted to these champions, but they are the best ones and there's no style points for picking a bad jungler. Jungle TF was a result of the preseason cheese factor. It relied on 40 damage Devourer, Skirmishers, and soft reset abuse to clear. All of those things have been nerfed. We've seen it before in preseason 3 with Cleaver Fever and preseason 4 with Targon's Bargins.

In this patch they nerfed the play pattern of some of the strongest junglers, namely vi, lee sin and jarvan. Chilling smite range went down, which these junglers buy. A tank jungler isn't going to to buy it because they already have boatloads of cc. Warrior enchant damage went down, which tank junglers don't buy. Item switching is arguably the one change that hurts both these dominant junglers and the weaker ones. But guess what? A tank is meant to scale into the late game. They can afford to have scavengers for most of the game and switch it out for skirmishers lategame because they aren't under pressure to make plays in the early game. The dominant early game junglers are the ones who are going to get one or two easy clears with scavenging and then switch to chilling smite to shit on lanes.

Everybody bought Chilling Smite. It was the only option after Skirmishers and Trailblazer got nerfed from when they were strong. The only reason people picked up Trailblazer is because they wanted to powerfarm, usually to get to level 6 or because their clear was slow on a tank jungler, and then switch to Chilling before finishing their jungle item. It is more effective in the lane phase and in teamfights to bring extra CC with you as a tank jungler so your team can jump on people than 20% DR.

To the OP if you're reading this: Your tactic of "I'm going to take my ball and go home" went over well in this subreddit because it was sensational, but I want you to know that I think it's pretty despicable that you would use emotional blackmail to try to and get your way. I hope you are ashamed of yourself.

That may be true, but there's a lot that I didn't go over that is very relevant. You don't get 80% upvotes from duping people. You don't climb higher on the front page that Krepo, one of Reddit's favorites, a champion reveal, and patchnotes from lying. You don't get your thread tweeted by Saint and Dexter vent about Riots balance methods in the following tweets for nothing. Meteos has said he doesn't like what Riot is doing in the jungle. Nightblue went on a rant during his stream today while he read the patchnotes, then read my post after a game and then said he could spend an hour writing on things I didn't even bring up.

I'm not ashamed of myself because I said what a lot of people were thinking and I did it because nobody else was.

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