In Response to the Trevor Noah Controversy, Patton Oswalt Went on an Epic Twitter Rampage, Satirizing the Ongoing Death of Comedy

Am I various other people? No.

But how are they wrong, though? Patton Oswalt doesn't know what it's like to be the butt of a joke. He's fat, he's short. That's about it, and doesn't really compare with being mentally handicapped or any of the other things he riffed on there. More than that, though, he riffed on things that no one was even complaining about. He bought into a manufactured controversy and started assuming it was some "SJW" crusade to make everything politically correct. It doesn't "invalidate" his comedy, but it does put it in perspective. It'd be like a comedienne joking about big dick problems.

I fail to see how political correctness is against America's "whole mythology", as well. I mean, I'd say that the ideal of America at least is a place where everyone can be equal and treated with respect. The reality, of course, is fuck you, minorities, and varying levels of swearing and selfishness depending on the state or city.

Either way the only problem I can see that you have is that these jokes didn't personally entertain you. They did me and I think their commentary is funny and fairly insightful.

See, here's the thing. First? It wasn't insightful. At all. He spent 53 tweets going on about something stupid. What insight did he have? That there's an "ongoing death of comedy", as the title implies (despite that being verifiably untrue)? That you need to always add footnotes to your jokes because of political correctness? Which, no, that's also not true. That you need to be inclusive and not insensitive? Sure, I guess, but satire only works if you don't actually want to eat Irish babies. If the Irish babies really are delicious and make good leather, A Modest Proposal is a good idea, not a scathing criticism that makes people rethink how they treat other human beings.

Second? Brevity is the soul of wit, and he made fifty-fucking-three tweets.

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