Responsible Methamphetamine Use Advice

This exact thing has been bothering me quite a lot actually. Yeah, I understand. It's just the idea of getting 80% done in one day compared to 80% done in two weeks is obviously appealing. The Meth has been analysed to be 89% Methamphetamine Hydrochloride. Honestly, I don't find it enjoyable. Despite experiencing some pleasant affects as stated, for most of the time I felt uncomfortable. I'm really not a stimulants kind of person at all, and I hate the fact I'm using a stimulant to get stuff done. But, I don't intend on using it more than twice per two weeks, and never 2 days in a row. I don't take any other drugs, and don't want to. I'm managing to stay hydrated while under the effects, thankfully. Hygiene is not a problem, and I'm taking vitamins (especially Vitamin B, Niacin etc for dopamine production). 1000mg Vitamin C afterwards to 'get it out faster', and 400mg of Seroquel to sleep (don't want to use Benzos really). Any other advice would be appreciated!

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