Restaurant Staff Went Out of Their Way to Ensure I was Safe from Creep

I feel like people like that Irvin character need to read this:

That’s not how that works. You can have a woman who’s dressed conservatively and have a voluptuous build. Still doesn’t excuse that behavior. It’s ok to be attracted to someone, but it’s not like men can’t control how they act.

Some women like to dress themselves to feel sexy. But it doesn’t mean you go about creeping on them. I’ll say it like this, how would YOU feel if you were in that situation, being approached by someone who’s creepy, and you’re in a vulnerable position?

This example helps people understand that unwanted sexual advances makes everyone uncomfortable. Just talk to people, if you have to jack off at home before you get into the social scene, do it. Just don’t take your thirst out in the social sphere.

At the end of the day, it’s the golden rule and you have to treat people with the same respect. Life never works the way you see on T.V.

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