Restaurants workers out of work again as virus surges anew

With the fast tracking of vaccines you're realistically looking at about april 2021 before it starts to really hit the public... and probably july before it reaches the entirety of the US.

I know that deadline seems all but impossible to meet what with unemployment running out, lack of employment... simply put there are millions who will not be able to make it to that date.

But it's not the deadline and closings that is the problem. It's the lack of support. Do you know how much the US has in reserves in case of emergencies? Roughly 12 trillion. Keep in mind that's just for emergencies; not the total amount... the total amount is substantially higher. The reason those reserves are so high, is because it is planned out in the insane event that the US economy is crippled for a decade.

There are trillions in the reserve that can be subsidized to the public for this pandemic. We could easily write a check of about 10,000 to every citizen and have some left over. It's just on the moral ground... Those in charge do not want to.

They see any handout directly to the people as highly immoral and in some cases outright dangerous. Based on what evidence I do not know... but that is the situation.

I would of advise that people learn about their elected officials feelings on the matter and vote accordingly... but that notion is lost almost entirely on the population. They simply vote in colors and nothing more it appears.

I honestly don't know what to suggest for people at this point. But here's hoping it gets better.

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