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You're being ridiculous and that's why you've been downvoted into the ground. Nobody is saying that the rich and powerful inherently make sacrifices, but in the specific case of Queen Elizabeth II, she's spent her entire life serving the country. She has of course had a life of comfort and privilege, but alongside it very little freedom, expected from her early twenties to have children to continue to royal line, and to spend most days working for the good of the public not just as a figurehead but as a key political figure. She didnt get to make many choices and her entire life and family existed under the scrutiny of the public eye literally around the world. Every week meeting with Prime Ministers who come and go to discuss the very worst things happening to the country. It's not a job I would want.

In my opinion, no amount of privilege or wealth is worth that sacrifice. But she did her job anyway because she believed in it, she believed in God, and she served her country (and continues to) for literally decades. That is an inherent sacrifice. Like I said: I don't even like the concept of a constitutional monarchy, but to deride the Queen as having an easy life is to wilfully deny the reality of being a monarch in a modern monarchy, the biggest and brightest monarchy, from the 1950s all the way to the present day. If you can't see that you're either ignorant or leaning into cynicism because you think it's cool. It's not.

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