Results of Massive's End Game First planning: Daily Quest for Extended Mag, Farming for Lvl 19 Mods, a Raid 90 Percent of People Won't Play Even if it Had Good Loot

Forbes is a joke. Tired of this bad media on Ubisoft because they won’t spew political cancer. AAALWAYS under attack. A constant full on load of shit. What you ask? The definitely fabricated numbers at the very least. (Gee never seen that before journalism.) People are all over this & loving it. Gaming media continues to prove itself a joke and politically motivated one at that. The people of the gaming community have already spoken out about this and we’ve made ourselves quite clear.

So. The Raid itself? This is the first full on difficult event and sure, some people can’t handle it (yet). So the rotten few strike again and try to ruin it for the real player base. Thats where this negative feedback comes from. Get good ffs. It’s supposed to be hard to beat. At that, what real gamer would go to Forbes for gaming under any circumstance. Google just forces their bad opinions to the top. We all know the games that get positive rep just get wrecked sales wise. These guys must’ve been spanked in the DZ. Thats pretty apparent anyway. Despite all this. Ubisoft, Tom Clancy games, such as The Division will thrive without your support.

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