Resume critique request

I'd include your address but maybe only the city and state just to show that you're not going to have a long commute or have to relocate.

As for the CV: I like to have the company name and location on the same line as the date and then the job title on the next line (Might be personal preference)

For the Security Officer job, the paragraph runs on too long, consider breaking it down into 2-3 bullet points, this is a general comment for a few of your positions, as good as keeping to 1 page is, don't compromise the readability.

During tenure, twice checked in fifteen guests, took over two thousand dollars in payments

You limit the impact by saying you did it twice, by saying how many you checked in and by saying how much you handled in cash.

assisted multiple guests in need of medical or police assistance, aided twice after firefighters were called, in non-emergency situations, and evicted a guest after non-payments

Again, you limit the impact by stating numbers. How about: "Assisted guests in need of medical assistance and worked with the police and fire department as well as evicting non paying guests".

In charge of four junior Marines while performing all tasks, including light and preventative maintenance of organic and supplied heavy equipment and motorized transportation equipment,

Use "Responsible for" and "training" or "overseeing their work in". Fewer words to say the same thing will make it stand out better, same applies for most of this paragraph. You don't need to state how much cash you handled, just say you handled it.

Format your qualifications better, separate the qualification and where you did it, highlight what the qualification is

Put your technical skills in a new section.

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