Retail folks: What non-pharmaceutical supplies do guys keep back there? (Without telling secrets or things the general public shouldn't know.)

There's heavy pain killers in the pharmacy, but they're locked up and the DEA says they're not coming out for anyone in this situation, and not advised to use yet anyway- especially with no prior medical training or patient health history. If someone's having a heart attack, there's aspirin on the shelves, there's bandages, makeshift tourniquets in the store. There's plastic wrap and tape for sucking chest wounds from blunt trauma and bullets. There's ice packs and heat packs on the store. These things are all great but don't try to use any of them without training. You could do more harm than good if you administer the wrong treatment.

Basically, besides narcan- most things in the pharmacy are maintenance drugs to keep people's blood pressure down, treat depression, and shrink prostates. There's not a lot of actual emergency gear.

If you're willing to help people in a casualty, then you should get 911 on the phone immediately, know your state's good samaritan laws, move victim from threat if possible and don't get yourself killed doing it, know cpr, know how and when to hold C-spine, know that applying pressure to a bleed-out might help the person survive, but without gloves you are risking your own health being exposed to their blood and bodily fluids. Know how to administer narcan if there's a suspected overdose.

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