Retail workers of Reddit, what is the most desperate scam a customer has tried to pull on you?

Ok it wasn’t a scam it was just a fucking ACT. By everyone, my boss and the goddamn customer. Ok we, a well known grocery store close in 10 minutes. We’re almost done packing up. This lady comes up to my deli/cold case counter and says hey I’d like small vegan nuggets. I’m like cool cool how’s your night etc... Then I try to hand her the nuggets and she won’t take them she’s like oh do you mind frying them? I go “huh??” We used to pull this for for free but it had started happening so much lately (not just frying stuff but literally everything someone buying meat and wanting it cooked a certain meal (and not paying for any additional ingredients)). So I’m kinda gleeful to say sorry we stopped doing that. And she’s like I get it done all the time honey are you new? I was like (in my head) bitch maybe you haven’t seen me lately cuz I work mornings but I used to close every night and I ain’t ever seen you so excuse yourself thank you. But I just said “no I’ve been here over a year but I can check. I know we do it for $3 you can pay at the register down there then come show your receipt and boom done. But just in case, HEY COWORKER, WE DONT FRY NUGGETS ANYMORE RIGHT?” Coworker: nope Bitch: uhh I just had it done yesterday. Can I talk to someone? Like a real person a manager I mean? My head is lit the fuck up. I hate this lady. I’m pretty level headed so I figure my opinion would matter to my supervisor who is also kinda my friend. I’m like hey Boss this lady is being super rude, she wants nuggets fried it’s $3 to cook food right? Boss: yup I’ll go handle her Me-hyped to see the bitch get WRECKED My boss apologizes and gets her the nuggets fried for FREEE. Like she didn’t pay for the nuggets either. And then this bitch has the audacity to come up to me and say hey I appreciate your help without you I never would have gotten the help of your boss. I’m close to quitting anyway and I had to physically turn away to avoid from callin this no titty horse faced bitch some names my mom would probably disown me for knowing

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