Retail workers of reddit, when was the one time you wish you could get the liberty to snap?

Every God damn fucking day. One thing I've learned from working as a cashier is that that humans are fucking mental. You get all types. The good which I enjoy serving, the very mentally ill which I just be as friendly with as I can, the homeless who I don't charge bags for (I live in California). Then there's the stuck up, vain, egotistical pricks who I want to hit in the face.

I deal with people trying to pass prop U.S 20 dollar bills, and clearly fake 100 dollar bills on a daily basis. Not to mention the tweakers, and loads of people asking customers to trade EBT for cash. I get complaints from customers all the time about it. I'm also on EBT though, so I dont really care. At the end of the day I just want to go home, have a drink, eat, and go to sleep.

On the flip side my best, and most awesome customers are my regulars. I've had people tell me I'm their favourite cashier. That they wait in a long line to talk to me, so that's one reason I like to work where I currently work. Most of my regulars are split 50/50 naturual born Americans, and people from Kenya, Pakistan, Iran, India, and one dude is from Canada.

Just be cool with your cashier. If they're in a good mood, they probably know some loopholes they can abuse for you. I know I do, and I do it sometimes. Can't get in trouble for it if it happens only now and again.

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