Return old Casual MMR

A lot of people are going to comment “ok bye” just to be dicks, so prep for that. I hate smurfs more than anything else in this game. To make a new account so that you can ruin the game for others and try to feel good about yourself for destroying them in a casual or ranked game is just toxic. I agree with you though that casuals don’t feel nearly as casual as they used to. It used to be a place I could go and relax, maybe troll a couple games in. Seems like there are so many try hards and smurfs now though that this isn’t as possible as often. Hope they can fix it man. I’d love to see just a separate casual mmr in the game. I’ve got a 1.4 k/d average in ranked at plat 2/3 but if you look at my casual stats, I’m a straight up copper player. I watch Netflix on my other screen with hardly any game volume when I play casuals. I just want to chill for a bit late after work. Even then, some seriously try hard kids are in every other game smurfing or just high ranks matched with me. Think you’ve got a point and there are ways of improving it.

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