Returning board games

In contrast there are many games where it isnt hard to believe that a fair shake can be given in under 15 minutes ... given their simplicity, and those can be just as fun as the more complex games; many are! (Long does not mean more complexity either, as I'm sure you realize.) It wasn't a complex game. It should have lasted a good hour if enjoying it. It was similar to trivial pursuit but used riddles and puzzles instead. It was very easy to learn, took one minute flat. It was cluttered with errors and missing information that affected game play on every single turn and quickly became too frustrating. We have two masters degrees and one doctorate degree in this household and know riddles and puzzles very well. We recognized all but one that we drew, and quickly found the errors that screwed up the play. Without all those errors and bad writing, we would have loved this game. There was NO way to know what the actual cards said since the samples on the box were the shortest and most simple ones without errors, and grinners too. Why is it so hard to believe a game could have been poorly made? It happens!

And why is this post being made about how I'm deciding too soon, or why I think it's bad? Why is my post eligible for insults both bold and subtle? (Not just you, there are several others.) I'm 53 years old and have played every genre of game on earth and this is the first one I have ever disliked so quickly. Does that make me less worthy of kindness and respect than everyone else in this community? That I disliked a game and desire to return it out of love for my kids?

I don't believe I'll ever participate in this particular gaming community again given some of the types of replies I've gotten.

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