Reverse mobility

My dad was the CEO and chairman of the board of his own company (small-mid sized, couple hundred people). I'm not sure of the total net worth but we were definitely able to afford luxuries which would have been impossible to have if we were not in that position (house worth approx 6 milllion, multiple luxury vehicles, private house guards, drivers to take me on errands ). I also attended expensive private school (for that country) at approx 30k per year.

The business ended up failing and my parents ended up losing the majority of their assets. They now live a pretty normal upper middle class lifestyle, but I still do get gifts and help (3000$ birthday money, some large ticket purchases paid for).

I struggled constantly with how I will likely never be able to recreate the comfort of my childhood as I currently work a pretty normal office job. It's definitely taken years to step away from thinking about how things could have been had it turned out differently. It's also hard to find people who can relate to these experiences and I mostly keep these previous life experiences to myself.

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