[REVIEW] David's 7th 750 boost grey

Guys I want to start by saying this review is completely independent. I dont go off general hype and i will be honest about the shoes.

PICTURES: http://imgur.com/a/O2TJt

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsERqGmBk6Y

Link: http://www.sneakerahead.me/7th-adidas-750-boost-with-receipt-p-174351.html

The Piss takes (Velcro touching the lines, pink marking lines, pink stitching , wrong symbols on insoles, yellow printing on shoes, blue line on inside)

The good points: Fast shipping, shape of shoe, weight of shoe, boost feel, stitching of shoe)

Short version good overall

Quality: [8/10] The shoe is really nice. Comfort is good, the boost tech doesnt look exactly like the real oneon my pair. Really good shape and suede overall. A few marking here and there but good.

Suede is okay but the colour is differently slightly compared to the retails (which I knew before I bought them so thats fine).

Sole is great, sturdy. Solid and comfortable.

Communication: [10/10] David seems like a nice guy. Cant even imagine how many people ask him the same questions day in, day out but he always replied. Got a little tricky when I mixed the order with stay fashion. The time difference is also a difficulty, but I always had a reply when I checked skype in the morning. Happy with the communication part. I have contacted about the defects and been promised a partial refund.

Delivery Time and packaging: [9/10] Rejected the first QC pics because wasnt happy Also my order was over CNY but was happy with everything overall. They managed to ship just before. Shipping thursday, received Tuesday via DHL. Double boxed obviously.

COST: As far as reps go they are good quality.Good for the price and delivery is fast. I dont want to wait 3 weeks for something to arrive. So this was good. Less than a week.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZsERqGmBk6Y

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