[Review Video] (3:30) A short vlog of me and my girlfriend visiting a "Farm Park" / petting zoo kinda thing on the small island we live on in the UK

Hey /u/Thornton3 !

I watched your video and wanted to leave you some feedback:

  1. I think you did a really nice job describing what you're going to be doing in the video and where it takes place. The map was a good inclusion, as well as the discussion of the old age of the area.

  2. The video thumbnail is good as well. I would maybe increase the part where it says "Isle of Wight", just because I have to squint to read it, but overall I think (as an animal lover) I would click it.

  3. As mentioned, the audio cutting in and out can be a little rough, I especially noticed it around the 1:55 mark. Fading it in and out would be better. That being said, I didn't find wind to be as big a problem. My first thought when hearing the audio was that you had a lav mic. The wind does come up in a few places, but it didn't turn me away. I saw you already have something that looks like a wind filter, so maybe an external mic could help some more? Look into it.

  4. The overall feel of the video felt a little...slow I guess? Maybe it's somewhat related to the lack of talk time or maybe it's to do with still getting used to being on camera. I just would have liked to see more engagement than just saying hello to the animals. I do understand, however, that it's a quiet and relaxed place, so maybe it's tough to do there.

Good luck with future videos!

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