Reviewing My SoCal 1/4 kilo Sampler as I promised

Tried the yellow hulu in the morning and it wasn't super energetic but it relieved the mild fatigue I usually feel in the morning and put me in a good mood without my morning coffee. It was a very nice balance of energy and calming anxiety relief.

Later on I mixed the red hulu with the maeng da because I don't like anything too sedating during the daytime and reds tend to be sedating. It did boost my my mood and energy very similarly to the yellow but I'll have to try the red hulu on its own tomorrow night to give it a fair review.

A few hours ago I tried the Bentuangie expecting it to be sedating but I actually found it quite energetic. It put me in a very calm and mellow mood with no anxiety as all of the strains did quite well but I was surprisingly motivated, alert and talkative. I have to say this was probably my favorite, even better than the maeng da!

Overall I am really happy with each strain in the sampler. Unlike previous samplers I've tried from another source each strain I got worked for me. There were no duds.

I have to say that all 5 of them delivered 100% for relaxation and anxiety relief with none of them causing me the jitters. As far as energy and motivation go I'd have to give the maeng da a 3.5 out of 5 and the bentuangie a 4/5 but I am not disappointed because it was a "cleaner" boost in energy than what I was getting from other places and combined with coffee it gave me all the energy I needed.

I will let you know how the red hulu is on its own after I try it tomorrow night and any other insights I have on individual strains or blends but I am happy to say that none of them left me disappointed.

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