Reviving an exhausted bumble bee with sugar water

I tried this once. Found a bee on the sidewalk a few blocks away from my house, a little too tired to fly, so I picked it up and carried it home so I could make it some sugar water.

Made some sugary water on a spoon, gave the bee some time to sniff it out and take a sip, and... Nothing. Just didn't feel like a drink, I guess.

I didn't know what to do with it after that, so I took it out back to my flowerbed garden, and thought it would be a nice ride for the bee if I just left it chilling in a large, juicy flower. Good idea, right?

Not at all. The bee went on the flower and quickly stumbled off, and what I didn't notice is that it was RIGHT above an ant hill. The ants went NUTS and immediately started to swarm the bee, biting it, and the poor bee couldn't fly and just was writhing trying to kick off all the ants. I was busy smacking and killing attacking ants, getting bitten myself, and I carried the bee away to safety, but it wasn't enough- some ants were still latched onto it. So I got a small twig and picked off the ants one by one...

Poor bee. Watched it for awhile, seeing if it would be okay, but it just sort of had a paralyzing seizure and died.

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