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First Timer trying to catch up (episodes 2/3/4)

First timer:

I'm going in almost blind I think I read a basic synopsis somewhere

I got pulled in from the intrest thread because the poster said

If you’ve ever searched this subreddit’s history for “hidden gem” or “underwatched” there will almost always be a name that pops up amongst the top: Kyousougiga.

And I replied that it must be a hidden gem because I'd literally never heard of it

Sensei? A father figure but not genetic father?

one day a preist, a dragon and couple of nosy kids

preiest vs monk vs channeler? Makes me wonder about cultural context and what sort of religous/myth traditions the original japanese words were about. Maybe shinto vs budhist?

Moving picture? a man and his dog and his rabbit waifu

A rabbit or the budha

not subtle there with the rose

third son impluing 2 more children daughter is an elf? demon? dont eat the preist, why not refer to him as father?

passing of time and seasons.

what was bound to happen? to our pictures? are they just pictures brought to life by father?

escape the world? is the youngest son the human? sinful heart but shot head? an ideal youth for how long unchanging

does daughter not like dad? only mom?

is it the budhas body? it seems unfair to make her give it up? Couldn't she just live in that city as a rabbit? No sexy fun times but stil love? where did parents go? isn't it a bit selfish for dad to leave kids even for his wife? is time now moving foward after parents leave?

council? stand in for his father? mother is rabbit then who is the frog and ape?

does she actually like him? "I hope someday someone comes to take you away from here". Maybe as a sex friend but not romantically?

Dad is just out for some ciggaretes, be back any day now

why call him priest and not dad?

girl from shrine in real Japan?

Koto? How is she related to the rabbit mother? Another sibling of mother from a later time? Reincarnation((even though she was looking for her)?

Very odd and intresting start to the show

PS. Is short guy with triangle hat the other brother?

Q1. Day was okay but not particularly good either. Didn't sleep enough.

Episode 2

Little sister? was I right about Koto being Koto's daughter/4th sibling

I like op song

who is the tracksuit bunny? On the other hand we see a lot of young presumably human Koto in op, makes me think she's an alternate version/Reincarnation of Koto

lots of little kids on that chessboard. apprentices?


The hat of responsibility

she's the only one not wearing black

what did make her strong? I'm guessing it wasm't the fox taking her in. In fact he may have taken her in because she was strong

Mom? Is Sensei/fox the priest? So did the rabbit nerge with her somehow? Is that why she's called Koto? Alice is the name of the rabbit?

A meeting of siblings to discuss what to do with the girl who might be their "little sister"?

Why is Papa translated as Dad and not just Papa?

Q1) So, how are we feeling about the OP? Love it, hate it, indifferent? I like it, especially the first part of the melody, lots of symbolism I'm guessing, probably have to rewatch it after watching the series for a better opnion

Q2) Today we saw Young Koto’s morning ritual but what is yours? Jetting out the door with a piece of toast in your mouth?

Get up, throw on clothes, splash water on face, drive to work. Or if its a weekend sleep in.

Episode 3 why does the op have a holodeck looking thing sometimes? Iw the edledst son thje guy who became the short presit?

Taking away her doll? Koto?

is she a magical girl?

Why is he the youngest? But wasn't he born before his siblings were created?

had to pause on the story summary, did that come up on screen before. I'm guessing the father became angry when the eldest son went to the capital and got discovered forcing them to flee to the Looking Glass City

why is it strange to be proud of a talented son or is it just a mistranslation?

Wait they recreated anime inside this pocket dimension? yesterday when that girl was there?

is eldest brother the villain?

Q1) There’s a whole lot of talk about “escaping” this episode. If you had an unlimited budget, where would you escape to?

Not much of a traveller myself. Maybe spend some time in NYC and in Israel.

Q2) Shouko obviously loves her “remote control” (PSP), but what object do you hold dear to your heart?

Not sure I have one. So much is online or could be replaced and don't have any strong memories attached. High school yearbooks maybe? Books signed by favorite author?

Nostlagia and Grief

Does she dislike things changing?

Are the little kids siblings as well? I thought they were just familiars

Does she get to choose how tall she is even in normal size? why is elderst brother only one who didn't grow?

Wow Yase is in deep

Koto has anime protsagonist syndrome

I'm not sure she did her daughter a favor by telling her she didn't need to change A rabbit thats a mix of a demon and bunny I relate to some of the sadness over lost memories Maybe memories can be made again?

wow Koto is powerful if she can beat Yase.

Did Yase really see something like the doll attached to the hammer or was it an illusion?

Yeah a thank you is nice but you're a lot to handle, a simple thank you seems like not enough compensation

Are the beads the one important thing Myoe keeps from his youth?

Questions of the Day

Q1. Yesterday I asked about precious objects that you owned but what is a precious memory you wouldn’t depart with?

Memories of family in general. Memories of friends. not sure about anything specific.

Q2: Did you have any favorite toys growing up? What were they?

Not really or not that I could remember I was more of a books guy from a pretty early age.

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