Rian Johnson update: “I’m still talking to Lucasfilm but they haven’t announced anything on their slate yet.”

Plus, Holdo is ultimately a very classic character type. She's the snooty or weird (to Poe and audience) commanding officer who ends up being a secret badass or does something badass.

I could tell how people were going to feel about Holdo the minute the first pictures of the character came out. The fedoras and 4channers of the world immediately jumped on the Pink Hair = Tumblr thing. No matter what Holdo actually ended up doing in the movie, those opinions weren't going to change.

I've always maintained that if Holdo was the "usual" version of that character type, nobody would be having these problems or obsessing about the Lightspeed Ram that much.

Like if she had been a snooty, British general type dude with a monocle and a handlebar mustache, a stickler for etiquette and decorum. General Mustache thinks Poe is uncouth and a hothead, Poe things General Mustache is too uptight. Then General Mustache does the Lightspeed Ram and reveals that he has a badass side and can throw away the rulebook as needed.

I guarantee every Star Wars sub would've been filled with memes about General Mustache and his amazing trick.

That's essentially all Holdo is. But she's a pink-haired lady so Redditors can't like her. It's especially weird because, if anything, her outfit gives her the most "Prequel Era Politician" look out of the main cast.

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