Rich people should not be charged extra taxes

Yes they are forced but everyone should be equally charged.

What so someone making the minimum wage should pay the same tax rate as a ultra rich person? Do you not think the money is probably more valuable to the poor person than the rich person?

People should not be charged more for working hard and smart.

I mean this 1) assumes all rich people work harder and are smarter than poor people, and 2) again this isn't the point of tax.

The US pays $4 billion to israel annually form tax amount is that helping the unfortunate?

I mean some people might argue it is because it helps them protect themselves, personally I definitely disagree with that as Israel is basically an apartheid state, I don't think we should be giving them any money. Tax money is definitely wasted a lot, the US military budget doesn't need to be anywhere near as high as it does for example.

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