Richard Stallman Does Not and Cannot Speak for the Free Software Movement - Software Freedom Conservancy

Amazon info

Microsoft info

I know how old you are.

Canadian citizen

Lived in Washington

Exact days and city of international vacation

Currently works for a startup

Bad programmer who makes excuses for being a bad programmer

Startup is run by a guy in his early 20s

Lived/Worked in Seattle

5.5 years at time of post at Tech Giants

10 month's ago: Crash on 520

2 months ago: Rides KTM Duke on 520

Traffic violation almost 3 years ago.. maybe I should look it up?

Better future employers in the US would love to know you think US vets are murders.

Need me to go on? That's definitely enough to identify you using sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

I'm not a "sleuth", you're just THAT terrible with safeguarding your personal information.

Someone not as nice as me might archive your entire history and send it to every one of your future employers. I won't because I honestly don't care about you and that's a shitty thing to do.

Take my advice and delete your account history and/or create a new account before your crappy personality gets you into trouble.

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